International Photographic Contest “The Balkans”

The collective “BULB photos” (www.bulbphotos.eu) is launching a photographic competition with the same subject and within the ars poetica of BULB photos (see website above and BULB facebook page www.facebook.com/thebulbcollective).

The jury will look, among others, for: creativity, originality, spontaneity and impact.

The competition is purely educative and there are no fees whatsoever.

Join the Contest Dedicated Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/942968465796542) and put, as from TODAY, 3 pictures in the Album “SUBMISSIONS 2016” (https://goo.gl/AoNNDq) with a size of 1200 pixels on the long side.

Caption the pictures as follows: Your name, your city, your country and location in Balkans where the picture was taken.

For the purposes of this contest as Balkans are considered (with a linguistic component) the following: ” Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM, Kosovo, Montetnegro, B&H, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italia (Trieste region), Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

Deadline: 15 January 2016

Announcement of winners: 29 February 2016

The participants agree to have their photos published on the BULB website and/or FB page.


All winners (10) will automatically acquire the BULB associate member status. This is the new and only process of getting an associate member status. The monthly selection is hereby suspended.

In addition:

1. An one-day workshop with a BULB member near you:

  • Cyprus (Nicosia with Andreas Neophytou, Paphos with Thanos Savvidis)
  • Romania (Bucharest with Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu/Adrian Andrunachi, Timisoara with Oliver Merce,  Cluj with Alexandru Ilea, Baia Mare with Olah Laszlo-Tibor)
  • Greece (Athens with Gina Maragkoudaki/Vassilis Spagouros, Thessaloniki with Stavros Stamatiou)
  • Bulgaria (Sofia with Ivan Maranov)
  • Turkey (Istanbul with Sami Ucan,  Ancara with Haluk Safi)

2. For Bucharest winners, a studio session offered by the Studios: Sapte, and Herman & CO

3. A portfolio published in the BULB 2016 year book.

4. Prints by AME design/KODEX and exhibition of the winners prints in the annual BULB exhibition.


BULB founding members (www.bulbphotos.eu/photographers/founding-members) and Thanos Savvidis (CY), Andreas Neophytou (CY), Martin Waltz (D), Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu (RO), Ivan Maranov (BG), Haluk Safi (TR)



Read more: http://www.bulbphotos.eu/news/bulb-photo-contest-1st-edition/


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